The main challenge was increasing awareness for both vaccines but struggling to set clear direction and performance indicators.


Client: State Health Department

Campaign Duration: 3 months

Goal: Increase vaccination awareness with a heavy focus on reaching English and Spanish speaking parents

Investment: $260k+

Geography: East Coast

Solutions Used  

Programmatic Display

Device ID

Pre-Roll Video

Streaming TV


Social Media

Paid Search


9,212 Unique Link Clicks For Campaign 1

23,144 Unique Link Clicks For Campaign 2

+0.04% Increased the average CTR from 0.9%-0.13% for programmatic campaigns


  • he client had a sizable budget to spend on campaigns to reach their goals of increasing awareness of two vaccines but struggled with setting a strategic direction and clear key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Our team worked closely with the client to understand their need to increase social engagement and grow traffic to their new website.
  • The main focus of both campaigns was to use social media (Facebook) to increase vaccination awareness, social engagement, and website traffic .
  • We recommended using Programmatic Display, Device ID, Pre-Roll Video, and Streaming TV to behaviorally and demographically reach parents, users interested in health, and Spanish speakers
  • Paid Search and YouTube were utilized to additionally boost website traffic and video engagement.

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