Direct premium and programmatic targeting

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Targeting by audience niche


Success Story
Radiology center receives 168 qualified applications for job opening during first week of display campaign

The client hoped to increase the number of applications received for their radiology technician job openings.  The job openings had been posted for some time, but the client had yet to receive a substantial pool of qualified candidates.

Our team recommended Dominant Display to extend reach and increase branding and awareness. Behavioral and demographic elements were applied to target job seekers in the health and medical fields. The client swapped creatives every four to six weeks to remain top of mind and combat creative fatigue. This also allowed the client to understand which creative styles and formats work best for recruiting technicians for future reference. Search retargeting was also enabled for this campaign.

Programmatic display is the perfect product for honing in on individuals who exhibit specific behaviors, interests, or demographics.

For the recruitment industry, qualified candidates can be identified based on job-seeking behaviors such as searching for relevant key terms, visiting careers and recruitment websites, or belonging to certain job titles or industries.