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Success Story
Over 2,500 prospective students view program pages and drove 300 registrations.

The client wanted to increase awareness and overall enrollment for the fall semester.

Education is a very competitive industry with online schools becoming more and more popular. We needed to showcase the beautiful campus and career benefits of a degree from 200+ on-campus programs.​

We ran Display campaigns (Dominant and Basic Blend) to target prospective students interested in college, continuing education and online courses. We used an Extended TV Video AdMix (OTT + Pre-roll + YouTube) to educate and influence prospective students with highlights and high impact images of the campus. 

We targeted English and Spanish speakers as well as veterans looking to go back to school.

This paid media mix resulted in high levels of engagement including 3,270 Display ad clicks with a .15 click-through rate (CTR) and over 412,000 video views. 

We were tracking KPIs that showed high intent such as program and admission page views, but also requests for info form fills. We had over 2,500 prospective students view program pages and drove 300 registrations.

Our top performing data segments had a strong interest in education with a majority of them having some college experience already. We saw interest and engagement ramp up during the final 30 days of the campaign proving that the decision-making process takes multiple months, but that most prospective students wait until the last few weeks to take action.

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