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Tactic: Full Funnel

The Goal of targeting homeowners and DIYers with interests in green living and renewable energy.


Client: Solar Panels and Power Systems

Campaign Duration: One Year

Goal: Increase brand awareness, drive more qualified leads to the website, increase phone call orders, and reach a minimum 5x return-on-investment (ROI) for eCommerce revenue.

Investment: $390k

Geography: National

Solutions Used

Programmatic Display

Streaming TV


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Organic SEO


For 3 months result tracked we delivered between Jan – April 2022

2MM revenue tracked

10x Return on Ad Spend for Google Ads

142 online orders attributed to Programmatic Display

26% increase in ecommerce conversion rate


  • A heavy focus was placed on targeting homeowners and DIYers with interests in green living and renewable energy.
  • Website traffic was monitored in Google Analytics and included reporting on week-over-week eCommerce growth. Phone call tracking was also enabled for the SEM and Google Shopping campaigns.
  • The display campaign has yielded 2,115 clicks and a click-through rate (CTR) of .14% (2x national avg). We’ve tracked 15,609 conversions including 142 confirmed online orders.
  • The SEM campaigns started as basic SEM campaigns, Moved to Google Shopping campaigns, and now are running as Performance Max campaigns. Google has recognized our success and has asked for a case study covering the 10x ROI we currently have on Performance Max.
  • Streaming TV has been outperforming YouTube from a cost-per-view standpoint, but both have helped to increase organic (up 25%) and direct traffic (up 10%) since launching on March 1, 2022. YouTube is an important platform for DIYers and we’ve expanded our targeting to include specific channels and industry influencers.
  • Our team is focused on growing the budget with new initiatives for off-grid retargeting & nurture streams, targeting Cannabis growers, and setting up Weather Triggers such as power outage.

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