Tactic: Full Funnel With multiple ad promotions, it was the challenge to align the right audience with the right creative message for performance and delivery.


Client: National retailer for outdoor merchandise

Campaign Duration: One Year

Geography: 15 DMAs & delivery expectations

Investment: $1.66M

Goal: Increase brand awareness

Provide quality site traffic

Drive purchases online & in-store

Solutions Used: Programmatic Display

Streaming TV

Paid Search

Local Intent


This client has renewed their advertising efforts for FY22 and increased their total investment to over $2MM.

Additionally, Device ID and Streaming Audio will be tested in select markets.

The Programmatic Display campaign sustained a high.

17% click- through rate (CTR), and Streaming TV consistently generated a 96% + completion rate.

$13.6MM+ Online Revenue

Increase 29% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

73,600+ Total Online Purchases

20,000+ Local Intent Conversions


  • With multiple promotions being pushed at any given time, aligning targeting with creative is crucial to delivering the right audience the right creative.
  • Multiple creative formats are used to maximize performance and delivery:
  1. For Display, GIF and static ads were created for each promotion.
  2. For Streaming TV, 15 and 30-second variations were developed.
  • Pixel placement has helped performance and return on investment (ROI):
  1. Site retargeting is enabled – a key targeting tactic that helped ensure web visitors who have shown interest in the client’s brand and products are being delivered to, helping keep them engaged and drive them further down the purchasing funnel.
  • Conversion tracking is enabled – this client tracked the path to online sales purchases, which has helped provide additional insight and value beyond performance indicators that are associated with the primary goal of in-store sales.

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