Success Stories

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Over the course of a month, the client reported that our traffic source delivered 30,000 new page views to their…


Tactic: FULL FUNNEL The main challenge was increasing awareness for both vaccines but struggling to set clear direction and performance…


Tactic: Full Funnel With multiple ad promotions, it was the challenge to align the right audience with the right creative…

Home Services

Tactic: Full Funnel The Goal of targeting homeowners and DIYers with interests in green living and renewable energy. OVERVIEW Client:…

Health care

Tactic: Full Funnel

The main focus was to use social media (Facebook) to increase vaccination awareness, social engagement, and website traffic….


Tactic: Full Funnel

Dedicated additional dollars to Streaming TV to increase their share-of-voice within specific markets…

Home Services

Tactic: Full Funnel

The goal of targeting homeowners and DIYers with interests in green living and renewable energy…


Tactic: Local SEO

Designed to increase visibility on maps and for geo-modified/ geo-implied search terms (e.g. “near me” searches)…

HOme Cleaning

Tactic: Organic SEO

Search-based ads on Google were primarily built to generate as many quality leads as
possible. 231% More calls, 64% conversion…


Tactic: Device ID & Microproxmity

Through Device ID send display ads to locals who had visited the client’s competitors within the previous six months…


Vacation Resort

Tactic: Device ID, Programmatic Display, Stream...

Nearly 90 unique device ID recorded and which individual received our ad and then physically visited the client’s location…


Tactic: Streaming TV

Streaming TV allowed behavioral and demographic targeting to increase room bookings during college sports seasons..

Luxury Real estate

Tactic: Device ID & Retargeting

Geofence targeting golf courses, high-
end hotels, luxury car dealerships, and
competitor realtors’ offices…

Residential Builds - Real Estate

Tactic: Full Funnel

Device ID campaign reflected close to 10,000 total visits to the client’s location…completely sold out a new build that consisted of 28 residences…

Personal Injury Attorney

Tactic: Organic SEO, Search Engine Marketing..

Through a Google search seeking local attorneys, and then converting on the client’s website after reading content written by our SEO team…

Art Center Fundraising Event

Tactic: Pre-Roll Video

Targeting focused on those interested in the arts, festivals, and events, the strategy worked with 64% of all ads being watched to the end…

Autos & Vehicles

Tactic: Full Funnel

Google’s “3-Pack” is a must if the client wants to take up valuable real estate on Google searches and optimize visibility….

Cyber Security

Tactic: Programmatic Display, Pre-Roll Video

Targeting was to reach families with kids, IT industry professionals and enthusiasts, and gamers…

Moving Company

Tactic: Display, Device ID, and Pre-roll video

Behavioral and demographic target on college students seeking moving services, and university campuses were geo fenced to track foot traffic…